Funded on Kickstarter

We are waiting for our funds to be transferred from Kickstarter which should happen any day now. Once we receive them, we will immediately purchase the movements. We know that there can be periodic shortages, and we want to ensure that this does not create a delay for us.  Thanks to your support, we made our goal of $50,000 Canadian dollars! We only just cleared our goal and now we’ve lost eight backers because their payments did not go through. We have the capacity to fund the shortfall and we will not make any compromises on the quality of the project!  

However, to stay within a reasonable budget we will need to cap the total number of versions at three.  

Based on feedback in the comments and elsewhere, we believe that the following three versions should appeal to the majority of backers’ tastes:

We’ll have one black watch with a dark glass watch face, one clear face version in steel and one steel version with a white opaque face. We’ve removed any conversion factors from the face of the design and added them to glass on the case back:

Glass on back of Watch Case

Before we finalize the survey, we would like to get your reaction. Our goal is to satisfy all our backers. If you don’t see a version that appeals to you, let me know and we’ll see what can be done.

Design Improvements

We’ve improved the design of the slide rule rings. Originally the scales were printed on each ring separately which meant that the scales ended just short of the edge. We will now print the scales across the two rings in a single operation which will allow the markers to extend to the edge. This will not only look better but will also provide better readings when using the slide rule. 

We’ve also improved the turning mechanism to make it smoother and allow the rings to rotate closer together.  


Our manufacturing partner has given us a production turn around estimate of 75 days. If we provide details on final numbers by early October, production should be complete by the end of December. This leaves us a contingency of 30+ days to meet our goal of shipping in February.

Current project Gantt chart – original timeline shown in grey