New Sample of A1O Slide Rule Watch

We’ve received an updated prototype of the A1O Slide Rule Watch. There are a few changes and improvements that we’d like to share with you.

Updated A1O Slide Rule Watch Prototype

Increased Transparency of the Watch Dial

The A1O model incorporates a glass dial with a dark tint. We want to provide a subtle display of the mechanical movement while maintaining the aesthetics of a dark watch face.  In the initial prototype, it was felt that the face was too opaque.  We have now lightened it a few shades and it looks like this: 

Decreased opacity of the watch face

Slide Rule Markers Extended to Edge

Originally, the markers on the slide rule stopped short of the edge. We have now been able to extend the printing to make readings on the slide rule more precise:

Slide rule markers extended

Conversion Factors on Rear Glass

We evaluated several options for including conversion factors on the watch. To maintain the simplicity and clarity of the watch face, we have moved these factors to the rear glass:

Conversion factors printed on rear

Inclusion of Pi on Scales

As you may have noticed in the images above, we’ve included pi on the scale in response to backer requests. 

Pi on Slide Rule Scales

We will soon receive prototypes of the other two models.  We will post more pictures then.