The Idea

The Caliper watch idea grew out of an admiration for precision instruments from the mid twentieth century. Before the widespread adoption of computers and electronics, the world relied on precisely made mechanical devices. Slide-rules, scales and balances, mechanical calculating machines and all sorts of other devices have all but disappeared.

It seems that mechanical wrist watches are the only devices from that time that are still widely produced and enjoyed. Mechanical watches don’t really make any sense. The electronic variety are cheaper, smaller and more precise. 

But we love these little machines! It makes a difference to know that inside a mechanical watch, precisely crafted wheels, springs and pinions work together to tell us the time.  The extra heft of solid steel is a rare pleasure in a world increasingly dominated by plastic and flimsy objects.

The idea of the Caliper watch is to produce a device that recalls and celebrates a time when the world was run by steel pinions and wheels rather than silicone and plastic!