Kickstarter Success!

Thank You!

We successfully raised $80,902 CAD with 225 backers

Thank you all for supporting the Caliper VIEW campaign! We are very excited about turning our project into a real product and getting these watches to you.

We have sent out the surveys and we’ve got responses from around 75% of our backers. If you have not yet completed yours, we encourage you to complete it as soon as possible so that we can finalize the production numbers for each version. If you’ve submitted your  preferences but changed your mind about the configuration, please message us as soon as possible. After we submit the final numbers to the factory, we can’t make any more changes.

Until we ship the finished watches this summer, we will be accepting pre-orders on our website and on Indiegogo. The selection is limited to four models. There is a discount for pre-orders but the deals are not as good as they were on Kickstarter! 

If you know someone who missed the campaign, please let them know about the pre-order opportunity: 

We want to thank the blogs and sites that took a look at our project and helped spread the word: 

We would like to thank This group of repeat backers helped us get momentum at the start of the campaign. 

We’re very grateful for the work that did in helping backers find us with their ad campaign. 

If you’re considering running a Kickstarter campaign, Backerclub and Jellop are two services we would recommend because they delivered real, measurable results for this campaign. 

Most of all, we want to thank our backers. We could not launch this watch without you. You’ve taken a chance on a new company and on a product you won’t receive until this summer. Your feedback has helped guide and develop our design. Your choices in the survey will help determine which of the many options will become the final retail versions. We are truly grateful for your support and we will do our very best to deliver a watch that you will love!

Thank You!