Progress Report

Production is well under way! We’re expecting that we’ll still be shipping sometime in August – although it may now be in the latter half of August. We are anticipating that our movements will be delivered at the end of May. As a backlog in movements can often be a cause of delays, we ordered and paid for these even before the campaign was over when we saw that it was progressing well. The cases, watch faces, hands, bands and other parts should be completed by July 20th. We anticipate that it will take two weeks to assemble the watches. After that, completed watches and packaging will be shipped to Canada where we will conduct an additional round of quality control as well as calibration. Once we are completely satisfied that your watches are in perfect order, we will ship them to you!

 Updated Schedule as per May 2016

We’ve got some renderings of our full range of models now:

Watches with Didactic glass face
Watches With Dot-Screen glass face
Watches with clear glass face
Details of the back of the case

We’ve made some refinements to the design of the braided steel band. We’ve increased the number of strands visible from the front from 26 strands across to 37 strands. The finish will be brushed rather than polished which will have a smoother, cleaner look. The logo will appear on the safety buckle on the back:

Detail of Safety Buckle
Facility where watches will be assembled