Design Refinements

The watches that are currently being produced have some improvements over the product samples we originally developed. Here’s a summary: 

Movement Holder

We’ve upgraded the movement holder to metal. The movement holder is a component that fits between the movement and the case inside the watch. This is typically made out of plastic.  Since the glass back makes this piece visible at some angles, we’ve upgraded it to be made out of metal.

Here the plastic movement holder is visible – will be changed to metal


We’ve developed a custom band with a few improvements. We’ve increased the number of threads from 26 to 37 which gives a smaller cleaner pattern. We’ve changed the finish to be matte instead of polished and we’ve added a logo to the clasp. 

A Picture of the new band


The hands of the the prototype were simply white. We’ll be adding luminescent paint to these so that they will glow in the dark. 

Hour and minute hand will glow in the dark


We’ve improved the markings on the back of the case and added an engraving to the rotor.  The first 500 watches will have a special ‘First Edition’ engraving and will be individually numbered. 

Engravings on the case back and movement

We can’t wait to see the completed work! We’re still on track to have everything done before the end of August! 

Project Schedule as of June 16, 2016